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Updated On: 01/01/2015

Allagash White

MAINE - Rob Tod's interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and a special blend of spices, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a spicy aroma. Overall, it is a beer that is very drinkable and smooth any time of the year.

Bell's Cherry Stout

Larry Bell is the Stout King. He makes at least 8 stouts and this is one of my favorites. A well made stout with a hint of cherry. Seriously, this is good beer.

Bell's Expedition Stout

Russian Imperial Stout weighing in at 10.5%abv.  Big, Malty body and a warming glow from all that alcohol.  Yummy!

Brooklyn Chocolate Stout

An excellent Imperial Stout. Lot's of dark roasted malt - but no real chocolate. It just tastes that way. Finishes with bittersweet chocolate. 

Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter

NEW YORK - A complex Porter with aromas of smoked wood, licorice and dark fruit. Flavor is a balance of smokiness, roasted malt and malty sweetness 6%

Corsendonk Christmas Ale

BELGIUM - Malt & spice dominate the nose. Spices are well integrated into the beer - this is NOT one of those "pumpkin pie in a glass" beer. This is really, really tasty. A bit of 'root beer', coffee & chocolate in the finish. Medium body. Deep amber color. A staff favorite

Delirium Tremens

BELGIUM - A triple in style.  The young drinkers just love the pink elephant logo

DeMolen Hel & Verdoemenis

NETHERLANDS - More of a Russian Imperial Stout in style.  Note of licorise, espresso roasted coffee beans & a hint of smoke from the dark roasting of the malts.

Deschutes The Abyss 2013

OREGON - Big Ass Imperial Stout. We’ve stored this for over 18 months & it should be as smooth as black silk. 11%abv  

Drie Fonteinen Zwet.be

BELGIUM - Armand is branching out here.  It’s an English-style Porter made with two yeasts – one is brettanomyces. 7%abv    

Dupont Avec les bons Voeux

BELGIUM - arguably the best Holiday Ale made in Belgium.  A bit of citrus in the finish.  Lots of dried fruit in the taste.  Medium to full body.  Hops in the taste & finish.  Dry finish.  9.5%abv

Founders Dark Penanace

MICHIGAN - Imperial Black IPA with Chinook & Centennial hops, which give that pine-resin aroma & finish. This has 100 IBU's so it is quite hoppy and somewhat bitter. The ton of malt they add helps to balance that bitterness. Way too easy to drink for a 9%abv beer.

Kulbacher Eisbock

The original Ice Beer.  Believe it or not, Bud Ice was not the first one.  This ia a bock (lager) that was frozen and the ice that formed was removed.  Resulted in a concentrated lager.  9.2%abv.  Yummy!

Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale

BELGIUM - That's right, our own private label brewed for us by the family-owned Van Steenberge brewery, just outside Ghent, Belgium. Medium body, red color, somewhat fruity nose, malt flavor with a slight lactic taste. Great Stuff! A real thirst quencher and palate cleanser.

Petrus Aged Pale Ale

BELGIUM - This is a staff favorite in bottle.  This beer is aged 18 months in oak barrels, which provides the sour note this beer exhibits.  Kegs of this are a real treat.  Both refreshing and bracing.

Port Santa's Little Helper

CALIFORNIA- This an Imperial Stout.  Made with 10 different malts with a bit of dark Belgian candi sugar.  Tomme uses just enough hops to balance this big beer.  10%abv

Russian River Blind Pig

CALIFORNIA - Perhaps my favorite West Coast IPA. Solid hop aromas and finish backed up by the perfect balance of malt. 6.1%abv

Russian River Damnation

CALIFORNIA - blonde ale influenced by Duvel.  Great aromas of banana and pear.  Medium body with flavors of pale roasted malt and spice from the hops. hops in the finish give it a crisp, dry finish.  

Russian River Pliny the Elder

CALIFORNIA - Beer  8%abv

Stoudt's Fat Dog Stout

I just love Carol & Ed Stoudt.  They were true pioneers in craft brewing.  This is my favorite oatmeal stout of all time.

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