Updated: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

2SP Rum Barrel Black Mountain

ASTON, PA-An imperial oatmeal stout aged in Jamaican rum barrels. Hugely malted with notes of burnt cacao and almond. A bit of sweetness in the finish from the barrels. 12.6%abv 

Allagash White

MAINE - Arguably the best Belgian-Style White beer made in the US.  Crisp & refreshing with hints of coriander and orange peel.  Rob Tod's interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and a special blend of spices, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a spicy aroma. 5%abv 

Aval Cidre Rosé

(France) Naturally fermented cider from the  Brittany region  of NW France. A blend of 6 varieties of apple including the red-fleshed Baya Marisa.  Dry with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. 6%abv  $7

Blaugies Saison d' Epeautre

BELGIUM - A very old-school style saison made with barley and spelt. über dry finish with just a hint of tartness.  6.2%abv 

Boon Geuze Selection

BELGIUM - Lambic from specific foeders are selected to best produce a “keg conditioned” geuze. Full bodied with signature sourness and low carbonation. 6.3%abv 

Cascade Brewing Indigo Twilight

 (OR) A blend of sour wheat ales aged on oak fouders for 10 months with Pacific NW grown blackberries and blueberries. Aromas of blueberry with blackberry flavor and a dry finish.  5.3%abv   

Corsendonk Christmas Ale

BELGIUM - Medium body. Deep amber color. All malt in the aroma with a bit of coffee, chocolate and “root beer” in the finish. Spices are well integrated into the beer. A staff favorite. 8.1%abv 

De Ranke Guldenberg

BELGIUM- A strong blonde ale that bears no resemblance to any Tripel you may have had, except maybe in color. It's dry-hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh which results in a unique soft-bitter taste and aroma. 8%abv

Dupont Saison

BELGIUM - This benchmark saison has been brewed at the farm-brewery since 1844. Still owned and operated by the same family. Founded by Rimaux Deridder in 1884 and passed through to Louis Dupont in 1920. Then passed to Sylva Rosier in 1945, who passed it on to his son Marc Rosier in 1964.  Marc's nephew, Oliver Dedeycker took over the brewing duties in 2002. Peppery hops and fruity esters derived soley from the hops and yeast. This is the Saison that inspired hundreds of brewers from around the workd.  This is still perfection. 6.5%abv

Hill Farmstead Edward

VERMONT - Part of the Ancestral Series, this American Pale Ale is crafted from American malted barley, a plethora of American hops, their ale yeast and well water from the farm. Unfiltered and dry-hopped. Aromatic and flowery with impressions of citrus and pine. 5.2%abv

Hill Farmstead Fear & Trembling

VERMONT - Part of the Philosophical Series, with a name via Kierkegaard, it is a Baltic Porter brewed with malt that was hand smoked over maple by their Danish friend, and former colleague, Anders Kissmeyere. 9%abv

Jester King Queen’s Order

TEXAS - A farmhouse ale brewed with tallow honey, dried lemon peel, malted spelt, flaked oats, and Pilsner malt. Fermented in stainless steel and naturally conditioned in the keg. 4.8%abv

Kerkom Bink Blond

BELGIUM-A refreshing, light, dry and hoppy blond. 5.5%abv

Monk's Café Flemish Sour Ale

BELGIUM - Our own private label brewed for us by the family owned Van Steenberge brewery, just outside of Ghent, Belgium. Medium body, red color, somewhat fruity nose, malt flavor with a slight lactic sourness. A real thirst quencher and palate cleanser. 5.5%abv  

OEC Brewing Saturnalia

(CT) An interpretation of a Belgian Trappist style Quad.  Made with all Belgian malts and fermented warm using a classic Belgian Trappist yeast strain.  Huge body balanced with Loral and Styrian Golding hops.   10.2%abv 

Oxbow Luppolo Pils

MAINE-An Italian-style, unfiltered, dry-hopped pils with European malts and hops. 5%abv

Plan Bee Quince

(NY)  A version of their spontaneously fermented Barn Beer that is refermented with NY grown quince fruit.  Pineapple and citrus from the Brett, the fruit, and the barrel.  6%abv

Russian River Blind Pig

CALIFORNIA - Perhaps my favorite West Coast IPA. Solid hop aromas and finish backed up by the perfect balance of malt. 6.1%abv 

Russian River Damnation

CALIFORNIA - This is the new and improved version of the original, Duvel inspired, Damnation. Less banana, more apple/pear notes. More yeast-driven spiciness. Much drier than the original. 7.5%abv 

Russian River Pliny the Elder

WINDSOR, CALIFORNIA – A bit of history first: Vinnie Cilurzo brewed America's first Double IPA, named  "Inaugural Ale", back in 1994 at Blind Pig Brewing Co, Temecula, CA.  That operation closed a few years later. Then Vinnie was hired as the original and only head brewer at Korbel Champagnes Cellars' foray into brewing – Russian River Brewing Co. Vinnie and his wife, Natalie bought the brewery a few years later and opened their Santa Rosa location. The rest, as they say is history. Vinnie is the originator of this style and he still brews the best version – Pliny the Elder. Brewed with copious amounts of Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops. Very hoppy, but not a hop bomb – the balance of the malt and hops is extraordinary. Super drinkable, but be careful…it is 8%abv.

Scaldis Noel

BELGIUM - A full bodied strong ale. Bronze in color. Called "Bush de Noel" in Belgium. Dry hopped for four weeks. Sweet taste initially that gives way to a nice dry finish. 12%abv 

Techne Perkuno’s Hammer

PENNSYLVANIA - Tom Baker used his famous Heavyweight Brewery recipe to brew this super good Baltic Porter. Roasted malt flavors dominate this classic style. 8.1%abv

Thiriez Amber

FRANCE - A golden-red, slightly sweet, farmhouse ale. Maltiness from French Flanders grown barley balanced with a fresh hop bitterness and farmhouse spicieness. 5.8%abv

Tonewood Double Dry-Hopped Fuego

NEW JERSEY-This variant of Fuego uses twice the amount of hops during the dry-hop portion of the brewing cycle. DDH Fuego is full of juicy citrus aromas. 6.2%abv

Westmalle Dubbel

BELGIUM - A dark, red-brown beer with notes of caramel, malt and fruity esters followed by a long, dry finish. Rich and complex.  A rarity on draft.  7%abv