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Delivery Debuts!

UPDATE March 18, 2021:

1. As of Thursday, March 18, we are now open for Takeaway & Delivery. That's right – Delivery from Monk's Café! We are partnering with Relay Delivery Service to bring food & beer right to you door for a flat delivery fee of $5.50.

Click HERE for our Takeaway & Delivery menu of food and beer. Our Takeaway & Delivery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, from 4pm-9pm (for now,) and the delivery area is river to river, Fairmount Ave to Tasker St. Please CALL 215-545-7005 to order. Monk's Café's menu is not available through any third party sites. 

2. We will reopen our Sidewalk Cafe and Streetery as soon as the weather cooperates. We are unable to construct an outdoor shelter because of all the dirt, noise, traffic and mayhem created by the condo construction going on next door to Monk's. They are nearly finished with the facade and will be transitioning to all indoor work in the next month or two.

3. We are in the midst of installing a state-of-the-art HVAC system that has MERV-13 filtration to capture particulate matter and UV-C Light that kills viruses. One unit for each of our three dining rooms. That is already way beyond what the Philadelphia Department of Health, the CDC and NIOSH recommend, but we will also add floor HEPA filters with additional UV-C Lights that will provide what we feel is a safe environment for our coworkers and guests. We are hoping to welcome guests back for indoor dining within a couple of weeks. Details will follow soon.

We love you and will miss seeing all of you.  We look forward to welcoming our amazing guests back when we reopen.

We will still be offering a couple of Very Special Beer Sales since we have decided to share much of our rare inventory with our loyal guests. 

Please stay safe in these times.

Tom Peters & Bernadette Roe, proprietors


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